Qianmen Courtyard Hotel

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Qianmen Courtyard Hotel Beijing

Qianmen Courtyard Hotel Beijing is located in Shijia Hutong on the west side of Qianmen pedestrian street. It is an exquisite and simple courtyard hotel. The predecessor of the hotel is an escort agency set up in the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, so the beautiful and ancient decoration reveals a bit of toughness and the flavor of the river and lake. After careful building and renovation, Jinxiu Villa is equipped with modern facilities, standardized and humanized services on the basis of antique, lush flowers and fragrant flowers.
The hotel has full coverage of wireless network, simple and elegant guest room design, with elegant solid wood furniture, broadband, LCD TV and other facilities, so that you can enjoy the wonderful experience of both ancient and modern.

Breakfast price: Breakfast is not provided.


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Qianmen Courtyard Hotel Beijing
Tel: +86-10-63180028
Add.: 4 Shijia alley, Qianmen Street, near Shijia alley